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Polished concrete floor is durable, timeless and low maintenance.

Durable cement flooring that has an impeccably shiny and stunning finish.

A polished concrete floor is made of a solid cement based that undergoes a process of grinding and polishing the surface layer of a slab, using industrial grade grinders and a polishing head to reach a polished, smooth, and fine surface. 

Polished concrete floors are a popular flooring solution for residential and commercial spaces

Polished concrete floors is popular throughout Melbourne, in renovated homes as well as in commercial spaces such as cafes, hotels, offices and studios.
The process to grind and seal cement requires specialised equipment and skill to achieve a desired look. Our team is experienced in delivering stunning results for our clients throughout the Frankston area and surrounding suburbs.

Experienced concrete polishing team with years of industry experience

If you are looking for quality polished concrete flooring, for residential commercial and industrial spaces, we are happy to discuss how we can help you achieve your desired look during our obligation FREE quotation.
Using the highest quality products and materials, our team will create durable decorative concrete and polished concrete that looks like it’s straight out of a magazine.  Available in a wide variety of concrete surfaces, flooring solutions that are easy to clean and maintain, even in the highest areas of foot traffic, these are just some of the many benefits of polished concrete flooring solutions.

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Highest quality burnished concrete floor for your property

Burnish refers to the finish of stunning polished cement flooring. To polish and burnish a slab, the imperfections and degradations of the surface level of the slab are removed using specialised equipment, followed by cleaning and removal of any dust particles, and sealing with a specialised sealant to coat, protect and preserve the properties of the polished floor.

Residential Polished Concrete Floors

Historically, polished cement floors were reserved for industrial buildings that faced significant wear and tear on a regular basis, commercial buildings such as shopping centres, government buildings and teaching institutions also opted for this type of flooring for their lower maintenance, durable qualities.
Residential properties are now seeing a rise in the popularity of this trend. Particularly popular are polished concrete bathrooms and kitchens, allowing for modern, chic aesthetics that are often styled for feature magazines or open homes as you can see in some of our images.
renovated home with interior polished concrete Melbourne
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Polished concrete floors in your garage

A seemingly understated area of the house, but a usable space that homeowners are investing in whether for renting out, man caves, or just another lounge room, polished concrete garage floors are a service that our team offers. 

Glorify that cement slab by giving it a shiny lustre. 

Coloured polished concrete

Coloured concrete can be polished too, there is a process of preserving and even adding to the colour if the slab has faded over time, especially outdoors in patio areas. 

Ask our team about what we can do to your coloured concrete to make it look shiny and expensive! Available in a wide variety of colours. 

Outdoor polished concrete

Polished cement doesn’t have to a flooring solution that is strictly reserved for the interior of a home or business. By polishing and sealing a concrete surface, you will increase the durability of it as you will protect it from the elements. 

Patios and pool areas are common concreted areas to be polished. 



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