How to be prepared for your onsite quote with the concreter

Got a concreter coming to give you an onsite quote? In-person quotes are the best way to get an accurate idea of the contractor you are considering hiring, as well as it provides the contractor with more precise information about what the project entails and how they can best quote it. Maybe you found the contractor on Google, or perhaps you have been referred to them through a trusted friend, either way, it can be a little unnerving to have someone come to your house when you don’t feel sure about what to expect and how to prepare for it to make the time effective for both you and the contractor.

Two things that we can suggest are helpful to go through in your mind before the contractor arrives: first, to know what you want, and secondly, prepare a list of questions to ask them about specifics of the job, whether you write them down or keep the list in your phone.

driveway renovation concrete construction frankston
One of the most common concrete projects are driveway concreting.

Know what you want

If you have a clear picture of what you want your project to result in, this will make the discussion a lot more time efficient. If you know what you want you will be able to ask more specific questions and get their advice on specifics rather than just exploring options with them. We recommend that you do a little research beforehand, and gather some images of the look you are trying to achieve, especially if you are after outdoor areas like pool surrounds or decorative concrete of some sort. 

Break down the important steps so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Keep these in mind: What’s the desired outcome? What would you like the final finish to look like? Time to list down the specific details. Time frames? Budget allocation and even specific suppliers to contact if you must, but keep in mind that the contractor will have their own connections for suppliers. If they can’t provide a clear or credible answer, this may be a red flag that will encourage you to dig a little deeper by asking more questions or perhaps the catalyst to choose a different contractor. 

There is a difference between a rough estimate and an itemised quote. An estimate is the initial educated guess on what the project may cost. An estimate is usually a range, to give a ‘ballpark’ figure. An itemised quote is the exact pricing that is broken down into items that the project will involve. These are only given after an onsite quote and it is usually an itemised quote is fixed, unless the scope of work is changed. Quotes are crucial in keeping both parties on the same page and as to avoid any unnecessary costs or conflicts in agreements.

If you don’t know what you want just yet, it’s alright too, because your contractor could help you figure out what you want to execute.  Come prepared with an open mind ready to listen to the concreter’s suggestions, they do this every day of the week therefore they may have options that you may not have thought of yet. 

concreter team frankston
It pays to get to know your concrete contractor better.

Ask the right questions

Before giving the contractor the green light, ask these questions to make sure you are on the same page about getting the best result for your project.

What would they recommend?

Since concreting is what your contractor does every day it is worth asking for their opinion, this also helps to get insight into how they think about your project, sometimes it only takes one look at your space, and a professional concreter can provide feedback about your plans and give better suggestions that could prove to be money and time-saving for both you and the contractor. For example, one of the most common projects is driveway concreting. Answering queries about such projects are as normal as breathing to them. Budget tips, style advice, construction options- your contractor is a wealth of knowledge. 

Ask them for the best solutions suited to your budget and how can they prove that their solution is the best solution for your project – this is usually a no-sweat question for long-time professionals who are confident in their skills. 

Budget for this project

Your contractor should be able to provide you with a complete itemised list of the elements needed for the project. They should include a rough estimate for the total cost which includes labour and material costs. In this part, you can weigh your options for the materials to be used, seeing alternatives for quality materials without having to pay a lot.

How soon can you do this project?

By asking them for their availability and checking your project’s urgency, it’s good to meet with your contractor halfway so the project wouldn’t be compromised. A busy contractor is a good sign: more clients trust their craft. Considering that weather has a significant impact on project completion times, try to keep your time frame flexible in order to get the best outcome as far as durability, it may be worth it to wait until optimum conditions.

How long will my project take?

Depending on the urgency and schedule of the contractor, you will now have a rough idea of the time frame to follow for your project completion.  Small projects could range from a day to a  week and others months, depending on the size of the area to be concreted and the complexity of the project for example if extensive excavation, retaining walls, and drainage need to be built first. Since the quote usually has a deadline set or an estimated time of completion, be on the lookout for this as well.

What should I expect during the project? 

The more specific instructions, the better. Clear communication between you and your contractor is a must to avoid delays, and distractions and manage expectations along the way. The reason being is some construction projects can be accomplished whilst the property is occupied, while others can take up the whole entire space of your home, knowing ahead of time if you need to make other arrangements would be helpful for both sides to avoid delays and inconvenience. Ask them if they make use of subcontractors (usually people carrying out tasks for a company or projects), this is so that you know who to expect will be present during the project. 

How long will my concrete be expected to last?

After the estimation and the inventory, consult your contractor for a durability warranty. This way, you can be prepared for the next maintenance and repairs down the line and have a rough idea of what to expect. To secure protection from poor work done, ask your contractor about what types of warranty they offer on their work. 

finishing concrete patio frankston
With a well-discussed concrete quotation, you are free from unnecessary spending and construction confusion.


Because there is no one size fits all approach in concreting projects, concreting contractors should be able to answer your concerns and questions we pointed out at the top. Gaining insights into scouting the perfect contractor for your space is the first step in bringing your project vision come to life. Concreter Frankston offers solutions that are not only versatile but tested over time. Save more when you choose contractors who are skilled in their craft, even on a budget.

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