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With many materials in the construction field that are trending nowadays, concrete is a staple that will always be popular, and exposed aggregate is one of the most sought-after decorative concrete finishes in Australia. Perhaps you’ve passed by a stunning concrete driveway that boasted beautiful rock or pebble swirls in an exposed aggregate finish. Exposed aggregate is a form of decorative concrete, prepared by removing the upper layer of cement, revealing the timeless, textured look underneath.

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What is exposed aggregate concrete?

Exposed aggregate finish is the preferred decorative concrete for areas such as patios, driveways, pools, and other high-traffic surfaces by homeowners across the country. It is achieved by removing the cement or sand layer of the concrete, revealing the aggregate in the concrete mixture. The most common aggregates used are gravel, crushed stone, pea stone, crushed glass, limestone, basalts, and granite. 

Both private and public spaces alike invest in exposed aggregate because of its high quality and aesthetic appeal that is pleasing to the eyes. Aside from the beauty it possesses, the safety it provides for both humans and vehicles alike adds to its marketable value.  There are various exposed aggregate finishes available such as standard, topping, seeded, and polished. Gone are the old days of a dull finish, concrete doesn’t have to be boring as exposed aggregate is a very versatile choice for homes and public places. Customisable, low maintenance, and practical. Many people opt for this design because it exudes sophistication and durability. Style balanced with good resistance in one achieved without spending a lot, exposed aggregate is the total package and best investment for you!

Where is exposed aggregate commonly used in Victoria?

More and more Victorian households invest in exposed aggregate for their driveways, walkways, patios, and even swimming pools. This kind of finish is perfect for the Victoria weather all year round, able to withstand cold winters, lots of rain, and sweltering summers with high UV ratings. This finish doesn’t need as much maintenance as other finishes do, making them much more user-friendly. Victorian homeowners can also unleash their creativity and taste because they can mix and match the elements of exposed aggregate. Exposed aggregate is loved because it is easy to modify and can match any house interior without any fuss. Aesthetic meets longevity, what more could you ask for?

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Benefits of exposed aggregate over other types of concrete

Exposed aggregate might pitch on the pricier side, but it is trusted for a lot of other benefits:


With a lot of elements to play with, there is no limit to what designs you can create and imagine with exposed aggregate. Homeowners can either give their space a new breath of life or create something new and exciting, experimenting with different finishes or touches that exposed aggregate offers. And it doesn’t stop there, stencil and alternating exposed and smooth finish options are also available so you can add more spice to your driveway or walkway – talk about fancy!


Weatherproofing your patio and driveway, with less maintenance are just a couple of the reasons why exposed aggregate is a trusty material for your home. Exposed aggregates share the same, if not even better, structural integrity as any other concrete finishes, so you are assured that they can withstand many external factors – so no need to worry even if your space has a high volume of foot traffic or vehicles coming in and out. Exposed aggregates are the top of the line when it comes to safety concerns.

Safety & shock/weight-absorbing

You may have noticed how a lot of pools or patios have surrounding exposed aggregate finish, when you think about water and a smooth surface, you’ll know why adding a texture to increase traction on the surface is a good slip-proof idea. Thanks to the textured pebble surface finish, exposed aggregate provides strong underfoot traction even on the rainiest days. You can minimise nasty falls or accidents by incorporating exposed aggregate, a safe choice especially with your kids or pets running around, or elders taking a stroll by the pool.

Low maintenance

Dirt, grime, dust, and debris are inevitable from natural everyday use and wear and tear, especially being exposed to the elements 24/7. The most common grime that could be seen is usually oil stains or tire marks from vehicles on a concrete driveway. Exposed aggregate is an excellent camouflage for all these mishaps, concealing their presence. But it doesn’t mean that exposed aggregates should go on unmaintained – ask your trusted contractor for the best sealant to keep that pristine gleam on your surface. Since exposed aggregates don’t really need a watchful eye, you can give it sprucing up every few years and you’re good to go.

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During these times, it’s good to be practical. Exposed aggregate combines functionality and style that offers you more than what you pay for. It seals the sophistication that many homeowners or landlords are seeking for their space. With the help and expertise of an experienced concreter contractor, you can achieve the upgrade you’re envisioning through exposed aggregate, the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic. 

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