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Renovations have the potential of adding incredible value to your home. Renovations serve the purpose of upgrading a property, maintaining it to be a suitable dwelling place for tenants or owner occupiers, and maintaining the structural integrity of the house itself. If you’re planning on undertaking a renovation on your property, don’t forget the significant difference that the exterior of your property can have on the overall result of your investment into the renovation. A popular material for the exterior of properties is concrete. Concrete is recognised worldwide for its durability and quality, chosen as the top construction material for different kinds of spaces, from carports, to stairs, patios, and driveways.  Whether you are on a tight budget or are looking to splurge on your home renovation, this article is aimed at showing you the different areas that concreting can be a great choice for your renovation.  

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Concrete resurfacing is the budget-friendly way to give your property a facelift

Resurfacing, rather than completely getting rid of your current concrete, saves you a lot of money, resources, and time. Think of it as a facelift for your home. You can still use your concrete—resurfacing generally involves removing the top layer of concrete and adding a layer of standard or decorative concrete over your existing concrete base. Traditionally, concrete was just removed and replaced to start fresh, but resurfacing is an alternative option. 

Resurfacing is good for addressing: 

  • discolouration
  • uneven surface
  • outdated finish
  • superficial cracks

With a wide range selection of decorative concrete and exposed aggregate, you have the freedom to increase your home’s aesthetic value whilst suiting your budget and tastes. You can stain, stamp, colour, or stencil concrete to achieve the design that you want. You can choose from a variety of designs, colours, and textures. Resurfacing can be done on pathways, driveways, slabs, pool decks, and indoor floors. Resurfacing is the best budget option out there because of the endless design ideas it can offer, keeping in mind the structural integrity of your slab needs to be intact for this to be an appropriate option, if you are unsure if this is a suitable service for your renovation, speak with your local Frankston concreting company today for an obligation free quote. 

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Invest in exposed aggregate, if your budget allows

Have trouble figuring out what the best concrete type is for your driveway or patio? It’s the top-tier materials that could stand the test of time. Want to upgrade your current space into a fancier, premium look and feel? Exposed aggregate is a great option.

Exposed aggregate is a finish that comes with placing concrete and then removing its outer skin or layer of cement paste to uncover coarse decorative aggregate. This type of finish gives off a unique and ornamental-like aesthetic, and at the same time, it is durable, anything but fragile. They also provide good traction which is perfect for rainy, frosty, slippery days and especially for sloped driveways. Exposed aggregate offers unrivaled slip protection more than any other material. The most noticeable feature of aggregate finish is the aggregate itself—stones, shells, pebbles, and even glass, give every home a unique value to it. Exposed aggregate also cures fairly quickly, and is low maintenance. So when you decide to invest in an exposed aggregate concreted area, expect it to last for a long time. 

Premium Pool surrounds

To further increase your property’s value both financially and aesthetically, give your pool a makeover with exposed aggregate. Pool areas are more sensitive and prone to wear and tear from use or chemicals mixed in the water as well as being exposed to the elements 24/7. You increase your family’s safety and the beauty of your poolside by having a sturdy base and surface in and around your pool. Safety should come first before anything. Keep your worries at bay because exposed aggregates are one of the safest surface finishes due to the nonslip surface. Choosing cement aggregate could be a great alternative to usual tiles or other pavers. This finish needs no fuss in cleaning too because a pressure washer usually does the trick. Working on this with a contractor ensures that their installation gets you the best return on your investment, because of superior durability. 

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Concrete Patio

If your area is spacious enough to convert into a garden or patio, take the plunge. A patio is a space to catch up, rest, and just chill, so why not give it the best treatment? Enjoy your patio all year round when you make the shift to a concrete patio! Safer, cleaner, and cheaper, you get more than what you pay for. Gone are the old-fashioned days when a barbecue and some chairs on the lawn are considered the ‘patio’—time to liven it up! Al fresco dining is the trend nowadays. The exposed aggregate finish for your patio may contain gravel, stone, quartzite, basalts, and limestone. So whether you have a lot of tykes or seniors hanging around or vehicles coming into your place, concreted patios are the best option for your home!


There are many concrete finishes available for your convenience and preference, but there are still some things to keep in mind and consult with a professional concrete contractor. We hope that with our quick guide, we shed light on choosing the best concreting choice for your home renovation. Because becoming #housegoals doesn’t have to be too expensive.

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