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Resurface your concrete driveway or slab, to bring it back to life.

Concrete resurfacing is a service that involves grinding off the top layer of concrete or the affected/damaged layer, whether on a driveway or on a slab, and adding a fresh layer of materials that seal, protect, paint and cover your existing concrete slab. 

Our concrete resurfacing services are a cost effective and resource effective way to bring new life to an existing concrete slab or driveway that needs a little TLC. 

Resurfacing of driveways has been an incredibly popular service in recent years. A way for home owners to give their home street appeal a face lift. 

Commonly, cement resurfacing is done on driveways because of the high traffic use of these areas in your home in the Frankston area. However we also offer this service for other outdoor areas including patios, pathways, slabs for sheds and other slabs. 


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Driveway Resurfacing in Frankston

Due to how much action a driveway gets on a very regular basis with cars, motorbikes, boats, you name it, driveways are the most common area that require concrete resurfacing.

The surface area of an average sized driveway can be significant, meaning that removing old concrete and concreting this area all over again will come with a higher price tag, therefore to re-do a driveway is a costly decision.

Concrete resurfacing could be a great option for home owners who have an existing concrete driveway that has some superficial cracks, some crumbling areas or slightly uneven surfaces. If you want to add significant value to your home before putting it on the market, restoring your driveway could be an excellent use of resources.

Some homeowners may have a strong reason and need to replace a driveway, especially if they are changing the whereabouts of it on their property, or changing the size and shape of it. However, if nothing is structurally wrong with your existing driveway, resurfacing your driveway could be all that you need to do to achieve your desired outcome. If you are looking at your options for driveway concreting, make sure it is a finish that you can resurface, because over time the surface will deteriorate and may need resurfacing which is a lot more cost effective than replacing it! 


Concrete Resurfacing Steps or Stairs

To concrete steps is very tricky for DIY resurfacing due to the angle and precision it requires. 

Commonly in apartment blocks or commercial buildings, concrete steps get a lot of foot traffic, but more so they may see heavy objects falling and cracking the surface. Additionally, the most common cause of damage on concrete steps is movement in the foundations. 

The movement in the foundations need to be addressed first before investing resources into resurfacing these steps because the problem will occur again unless it is addressed.  A very important factor to consider with concreted steps or staircases is the anti slip coating that you place on the top layer. This is vital for safety when using these steps, whether interior or exterior of the home, for residential and commercial properties alike. 

Polished concrete refinishing

The sealant that is used on top of polished concrete flooring in the interior of a building can be damaged by heat and water in certain conditions. Polished concrete is usually very durable flooring option but  this doesn’t mean that they are not susceptible to deterioration. 

Our team offers polished concrete flooring services as well as refinishing of this flooring type. 

What is the difference between epoxy flooring and polished concrete? 

Some use these terms interchangeably when they really are two different flooring options. Polished concrete, as mentioned above refers to grinding the surface layer of concrete away with a grinding machine with a polishing head to reach a polished, smooth, and fine surface. Epoxy flooring on the other hand is made up o multiple layers of epoxy resin, applied on top of each other to reach a smooth, shiny surface.

Keep in mind that decorative concrete comes in so many colours, finishes and textures that you can really chose a finish that fits your home perfectly. 

Patio resurfacing

An Aussie favourite is the outdoor entertainment area, a place where you can host your friends and family for epic get togethers, enjoying the beauty of our Victorian summer, or even winter with the help of an outdoor heater to get cosy next to. 

Concrete areas including patios can see deterioration due to being exposed to the elements, there may be a pergola but this doesn’t protect the majority of the slab. 

Resurfacing your patio is a cost effective way to renovate your entertainment area so that it is ready for your next BBQ. Decorative concrete can also be resurfaced and restored, especially applicable if you have bought an older property that you are renovating or just renovating an existing property of yours, you may be able to save a lot of your budget for other tasks if you chose to resurface your existing concrete

Our resurfacing services for a patio are also a lot quicker than replacing an existing concrete slab with a new one, which may not even be necessary to achieve the desired outcome, not to mention that it will cost a lot more to replace than opting for concrete resurfacing instead. 


Customer Reviews of Our Concreting Work

"Great hard working guys. Did exactly what was asked with an exceptional finished product. Would definitely recommend. Well done"

Brett H from Cranbourne

"Good neat work and the boys were on time. Thanks Garry and team!"

Steve B from Hampton Park 

"Great service and quality workmanship. We would make use of their services for our next job."

Craig V from Clyde

"Garry and his boys were efficient and did an excellent job. We are pleased with the job, and our driveway looks fantastic. We will hire this business again and no hesitation to recommend to anyone. Thank you, Garry."

Jean from Hampton Park 

"Garry came when he said he would did job when he said he would. His guys worked as a team. Well done thanks."

David I from Bittern

"Garry and his team were amazing. Great price and had the job completed within 24 hours of me accepting the quote. Garry and his team arrived on site on time and completed the job to high, professional standard. Could not be happier."

Peter W from Ripponlea

"Best value around quickly irganized and done . Garry got straight to the job, I even had trouble at the council which he over came and got the job finished in record time. Highly recommend."

Lise H from Langwarrin 

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