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    A reliable concreter in Frankston with over 30 years of experience

    GJH Premium Concrete Pty Ltd is a reputable concrete company, established in the area since 2000. Owner-operator Gary has over 30 years of experience in the concreting industry and will ensure that your job is done to the highest of standards without compromising on aesthetics, functionality or durability. 

    We specialise in residential concrete driveways, pathways and smaller slabs like shed slabs, carports and patios. We also have the equipment and team to be able to tackle larger, more complex jobs including commercial and civil works, so if you have a concreting need that is beyond your standard driveway, please get in touch with us to discuss how we may be able to help you. 

    A proud local business, Gary runs an effective team of hard working, honest and reliable concreters, who are invested in building concrete structures that will last. 

    We offer free quotes, please reach out to Gary to organise yours and get the ball rolling on getting your concrete done. 

    Servicing Frankston, Langwarrin, Cranbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas in Melbourne’s South East.

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    (03) 9000 0676

    Our Concreting Services


    Exposed Aggregate, Stamped, and Coloured Concreting


    Concrete Slabs for Carports & Garages


    Concrete Slab Removal

    Some of Our Recent Concreting Projects

    Cranbourne property concrete driveway and pathway exposed ag
    stenciled concrete patio Rosebud
    concrete pool surround langwarrin[1]
    driveway concreting in Baxter
    slab in narre warren

    Call Gary for a Free Quote

    (03) 9000 0676

    Concreting Services in Frankston & surrounding areas

    With a team of concreting contractors as versatile and experienced as ours, you can be confident in your decision to hire us for your project.

    We work on large and small projects, whether it is laying the concrete slab for a commercial building or constructing a stamped concrete pathway on your property, we bring our A game to every project. Our most common services that we offer our clients is driveway concreting, whether it be exposed aggregate concreting for a driveway or resurfacing an existing driveway. We work hard to complete all our work within the deadline, however when there is heavy rain present and forecasted, we usually work once the weather has cleared as this will significantly impact the outcome of your project. Please discuss time frames with our team member that you speak to when you call us, so that we are all on the same page as far as urgency of project completion.

    Each of our team members takes pride in their work as a concreter, using the highest quality materials and machinery to get the best outcome for your project. The building and construction industry is always developing, therefore it pays to be up to date with regulation changes, machinery development and technique development.

    Concrete surfaces can be a great asset to your home when done correctly, they can last for decades and will provide your home or driveway with sound structure and street appeal. When concrete projects aren’t completed correctly or are done with taking short cuts, the slab or driveway will not last as long, you will run into problems sooner or later and may have to redo the entire project which is costly and unnecessary for the most part.

    concrete slab Seaforth

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    Why Choose GJH Premium Concrete?

    Providing the Highest Quality Concreting Services In the Frankston Area

    Cranbourne property concrete driveway and pathway exposed ag

    Experienced Concrete Contractors in Frankston

    An established local concrete company with over 30 years of experience. Gary is the director and team leader at GJH Premium Concrete, he takes pride in his work and brings an impeccable work ethic and attention to detail to each of his jobs, whether it's a long meandering driveway in the Mornington Peninsula or a small concrete pathway in Frankston. To get the best outcome for your concreting project, hire a professional that knows what they're doing.

    With our experience as a team and with 30+ years under his belt, Gary and the team have been through it all as far as finding solutions to tricky situations. When you work with us, you get to reap the benefits of years of lessons and improvement in honing our concreting craft. We service Frankston and surrounding areas, so if you're looking for a Mornington Peninsula concreter, give us a call on (03) 9000 0676

    Customer Reviews of Our Concreting Work

    "Great hard working guys. Did exactly what was asked with an exceptional finished product. Would definitely recommend. Well done"

    Brett H from Cranbourne

    "Good neat work and the boys were on time. Thanks Garry and team!"

    Steve B from Hampton Park 

    "Great service and quality workmanship. We would make use of their services for our next job."

    Craig V from Clyde

    "Garry and his boys were efficient and did an excellent job. We are pleased with the job, and our driveway looks fantastic. We will hire this business again and no hesitation to recommend to anyone. Thank you, Garry."

    Jean from Hampton Park 

    "Garry came when he said he would did job when he said he would. His guys worked as a team. Well done thanks."

    David I from Bittern

    "Garry and his team were amazing. Great price and had the job completed within 24 hours of me accepting the quote. Garry and his team arrived on site on time and completed the job to high, professional standard. Could not be happier."

    Peter W from Ripponlea

    "Best value around quickly irganized and done . Garry got straight to the job, I even had trouble at the council which he over came and got the job finished in record time. Highly recommend."

    Lise H from Langwarrin 

    driveway concreting baxter

    Call Gary for a Free Quote

    (03) 9000 0676

    Concreting in Frankston FAQs

    How much does concreting cost in Frankston?

    Cost will vary greatly depending on various factors such as type of job, size of the job, complexity of the job, ease of access, excavation requirements, existing soil type, drainage requirements among a host of other factors. So it’s very difficult to provide a accurate range. To get a better idea it’s best to give us a call and talk through the job then we can provide an estimate, or we can come onsite and provide a firm quote for free!

    We work with homeowners and business owners with all types of budgets, if you think your budget it small, you may be surprised to see how much we can do with it. Especailly if you have an existing old concrete surface. Our concrete resurfacing options can provide an amazing trasnformation at a tiny fraction of the cost of a new installation project. Give us a call for an obligation free discussion. 


    Do you do commercial and residential concreting?

    Our team works on commercial and residential projects. Up to date with construction industry best practices and information.

    We have the equipment and personel for large projects requiring ample resources and machinery. We also cater for smaller residential jobs too. No job is too big or too small for us!

    What is your service area?

    Our team is the one to call if you’re looking for:

    What concrete finishes can you provide?

    There are just so many ways to finish concrete! Concrete can be a decorative feature complimenting the rest of your home and landscaping!

    Our concreting services are offered in the following finishes, our expert contractors will advise you if we believe a certain finish is not suitable for your project. You can finish concrete in such a wide range of aesthetic options, speak to our concreters to find out more.

    • Standard concrete
    • Exposed Aggregate
    • Stamped Concrete
    • Stenciled Concrete
    • Coloured Concrete

    We finish all our concrete using high grade materials, quality machinery and skilled workmanship.

    Where is exposed aggregate used in residential settings?
    • Driveways
    • Landscaping
    • Patios, alfresco areas or outdoor entertainment areas
    • Parks and gardens
    • Paths and walkways
    • Pool surrounds
    • Slabs
    • Columns (for example near the entrance of a large home or near front gate)
    What are the different types of exposed aggregate?
    1. Exposed Aggregate is a decorative concrete style generally used for driveways, patios and walkways. It is pre mixed before transport and is usually a mix of river stone or crushed rock. It comes in a variety of tones. The appeal of exposed aggregate comes from its texture, which provides visual interest and natural patterns. It can also have  many colours and shades within the mix. It’s preferred for outdoor areas because it provides a non-slip surface. The best part about exposed aggregate is that it has all the benefits of traditional, plain concrete–durability, strength, and flexibility. It will look great wherever you put it, perfectly complementing your home.

    2. Seeded Aggregate is another type of decorative concrete. However, for this type, the concreter will hand-seed the concrete at the time of placement, giving it a more tailored effect than your standard exposed aggregate. The decorative additions include pebbles, seashells, glass, and others. This option is highly durable, much like traditional concrete. Additionally, it offers the slip-resistant benefits of exposed aggregate. As the aggregate is applied to the top of the concrete, you can have many more material choices than with other decorative concrete selections.

    3. Illuminating Aggregate glows in the dark. This option needs to be in a location that receives as much sunlight as possible during the daylight hours, as this is what illuminates it after dark. It’s highly popular for polished concrete, exposed aggregate floors, pool surrounds, garden pathways, outdoor patios, and driveways. These aggregates can be seeded in decorative patterns, making the most of your outdoor space. The illuminating aggregate comes in various sizes and colours, allowing you to create the perfect aesthetic creation for your home. If you want to add some excitement and interest to your driveway or patio, this is one option you should consider.
    What are the benefits of choosing exposed aggregate?
    1. One of the most notable benefits of exposed aggregate is its improved traction over plain concrete. It’s known for its slip-resistant traits and is especially beneficial for rainy weather and sloped driveways.
    2. It’s also highly customisable and decorative, easily made to match your home’s aesthetic. The term itself simply means that the materials within the concrete can be seen from the surface. What makes it so customisable is that you can use many different materials to create the visual you want.
    3. Exposed aggregate is just as durable if not more so than traditional concrete. Its lower concrete-to-water ratio gives it a stronger surface than brushed concrete, which is more likely to take damage.
    4. It’s reasonably low maintenance. You’ll need to sweep it to keep it clean and occasionally high-pressure hose it, but other than that, your exposed aggregate will pretty much take care of itself. 


    Custom Concreting Frankston

    Each concreting project is unique and requires experience, innovation and the right tools to get the best finish. Our team is really good at what we do, we problem solve, troubleshoot and come up with solution to get the best outcome for our clients.

    Small Concreting Jobs in Frankston

    Do you need a small concreting job done? Let us give you a quote and an idea of what is involved for your small project. Sometimes the small jobs are quite intricate due to limited space and detailing, get the best finish with a professional concreting team working on your project.

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